Growing Scholars Montessori School believes that children are born with a fire inside of them. The fire manifests itself in the form of curiosity to know, to learn, to feel, and to explore. Given the right environment, curiosity grows more each day. The atmosphere around us in multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-lingual. The whole world belongs to our children.

​   Our Montessori has certified and experienced teachers that are devoted to the development of our children with their heart and soul. They are keen listeners and acute observers. They encourage inquiries and give students exposure to science, reading, and math. They also encourage music, art literature, dance, and drama.

​   Our spacious classrooms are equipped with the most modern educational aids. We have vast playgrounds with safe equipment and a basketball court. The gymnasium is a large space for the children to play in inclement weather and host for school assemblies. The food is prepared in our kitchen and served in a near and clean dining room.

​   Please take a tour, and we are confident your search for the ideal school will be over. Your bundles of joy will love it here!

​Thank you​

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Growing Scholars Montessori​ School

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