Toddler Curriculum

Below are some examples of activities that are taught as part of our curriculum. These are only indicative and are not all inclusive. Learn more about "Montessori Philosophy" here.

Our Toddler program caters to 18 month-3-year-old children. The Toddler instructors often speak to the Primary instructors to better develop the curriculum needed in successional grade levels.

Practical Life & Sensorial - The toddler section of our school focuses on the practical aspects of daily life: from sorting objects based on color/size/shape. 

Language & Math - Picture sequencing and learning the basic English alphabet/numbers. 

Activities - Aside from the academics, toddlers have access to a large gym, spacious outdoor field with a playground and a waterpark/splash pad perfectly equipped for hot Texas summers. These athletic activities are grounded in the Montessori method, where teachers emphasize the freedom of thought, movement, and expression.

In addition to academic study and exercise, toddlers are taught to be potty-trained- furthering their independence. Individuality and a sense of curiosity are crucial in this age group, with critical thinking at it's core.

Primary Curriculum

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